First things first, Zencastr doesn’t make it so easy to recover from a network outage. In this case, while you will hear Dan mentioning that Nancy is offline (though strangely Nancy still hears Dan?), it is actually Dan’s internet connection that dropped for long enough to make a one-sided conversation. While Zencastr (and other, similar services) records locally for just such eventualities, actually recovering everything is a matter of reading their support pages and learning about the… wait for it… /recovery suffix.

It is not without irony that we were touching on Cognitive Load and how having too many things going on can distract and detract, and then this happened, throwing a small wrench into the usual workflow. It’s something to think about, and if you’d like to get the Wikipedia version of what Cognitive Load is, check it out at

We will almost certainly be trying out drop-in chat in some form, starting with Telegram. This is open source software that runs on more than just iPhones, but otherwise it’s a similar idea as is offered by Clubhouse. In fact, everybody is jumping on that bandwagon as far as the service side (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Discord… the list grows).

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