First things first, many congratulations to Nancy & James Hugo, these 52 years after a big wedding and plenty of adventure!

4/3/21 was a big day for weddings in Las Vegas. About 1000 couples, give or take.

Nancy does not like ghosting, especially when it comes to business! Who does, really? Return those emails and phone calls, because time is money!

Dan flew to Phoenix for the holiday and anniversary weekend. First time through airports in over one year, it was surprisingly uneventful.

Some forward progress on the CasaNunzia project, which you will no doubt hear more about in coming podcast episodes, until we create another show for those endeavors.

Whichever side of the fence on which you sit, the HBO documentary, Q: Into The Storm, was really interesting, and it turns out the documentarian was following Fan on Twitter. So good there, then watch the 6 hours if you’re inclined. Fascinating and Frightening…

As always, check out the Home Design Chat with Nancy podcast, in addition to this one, both linked from Nancy’s long time designer platform, DesignersCircleHQ.

If you’re interested in learning more about these very early CasaNunzia project steps, or if you’d like to be a guest on our show, give us a shout, or an email would work just fine. If you would like to comment on editing an Anchor post using their mobile application, you will not find happiness on this end.

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Episode art this time is Ramen Noodle and Zoe doing double duty celebrating, they hope you had a great weekend!