First things first: Stop pretending the pandemic is over! It’s too late to slow down the rush to Spring Break, or to Vegas, but let’s maybe try to make it to the finish line before we go nuts celebrating?

Some talking about vaccinations and whatnot, do check out the usual weekly resource for current information, provided by a subject matter expert!

Dr. Daniel Griffin, This Week in Virology weekly Clinical Update (YouTube Video)

Most of this episode, though, is about the Workie project, an open source community undertaking that Dan is starting to focus creative efforts in the Maker and Hacker (as in Hackathon) communities, to develop open source bases of technology and creativity to make the new era of working from home better and easier, especially for those with what some might call “special needs.”

Workie will be a part of the CasaNunzia project, which we covered in a previous episode. Check that out as well, or stay tuned and we’ll discuss the formation of the non-profit and other steps toward eventual world-changing success…

As always, you should be listening in to Nancy’s other Podcast, Home Design Chat with Nancy, which you can learn more about next to all kinds of interesting things in the area of Design, at

Designers Circle (podcasts right at the top of the homepage!)

Email Nancy here at HugoFloss if you would like to be a guest or if you have any particular questions for her

As for Dan, always behind but with more time to catch up, on websites and open source projects to change the world and other podcasts…

Email Dan and he’ll tell you all about it

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Photo by Trinity Nguyen on Unsplash