Whether you like it or not, many people moved their clocks forward by one hour over the weekend, though some did not, and that is what makes it fun! It isn’t quite as simple as putting a stop to DST adjustments tomorrow or next week, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Start with this Wikipedia article about the ISO 8601 specs for time and date handling, or do what many do and get on with your day, whatever time you have.

ISO 8601

If you’re looking for a decent movie about family greed, we were talking about this one, and it’s a pretty decent movie with a nice twist, and no shortage of familiar celebrities. 

Knives Out

We talked a bit about suicide, if it’s a topic on your mind lately, we are not experts by any means, nor are most of the people you know. Talk to people who know how to help you, or pass this on to someone who needs it: 

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Click to dial: 1-800-273-8255

We talked about various projects that Dan is working on, not the least of which is the website for this podcast, and eventually support for live streaming and chat in an open source way. Services like ClubHouse are iPhone-only, and the service we use to produce these episodes so far, Zencastr, is okay, but software engineers are wont to fiddle with things… Dan’s other podcast shows are FFS Talk and coming this week, Quoggling Sand. And FriendVenn, and MuniBits, and more shows and software platforms. Stay tuned!

Nancy has been podcasting for a good long while, you could stop by and check out Home Design Chat with Nancy at the main site for the podcast and all things Design-related, with some focus on Kitchens and Bathrooms but that’s really only the beginning. 

Designers Circle

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