First things first, it’s a nice day and we’re happy to talk about the weather, and then we try to avoid the topic of every day…

Take the words of an expert, there are a few out there, this is the one Dan likes when it comes to a concise update on the state of vaccinations and therapies and the virus we’ve all come to know and dislike strongly:

TWiV 727: COVID-19 clinical update #52 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

If you just want a picture as we evolve our status into the beginning of the second year of, whatever is going to happen, Johns Hopkins is one place to look:

The main topic today, though, is a project we’ve been discussing for about two years in earnest, a bit longer in theory. Without spoiling it, the CasaNunzia Project is aimed at enabling and encouraging ideation, innovation, and implementation of so-called smart home technologies for those who need these technologies, which will ultimately make better products and services for those who want them. 

Give it a listen, it’s a topic we’ll have more to talk about in coming weeks!

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The episode cover art this week should get you thinking about technology in the kitchen, though CasaNunzia is substantially larger in scope than just that… 

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash