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500 Sneakers of Bummer Let’s get back to posting shows on Mondays

Here’s a Wikipedia link about User Experience, a common thread in this episode

The Sidewalk Labs smart city project in Canada, called Quayside, which is no longer in active development.

Read more about Sidewalk Labs, the Alphabet,Inc. company looking at making cities smarter… maybe too smart?

Learn more about CERT and volunteer in your community, to be ready for crisis and disaster!

Just another pedestrian hit in Vegas… cars and people are not always a good mix here the LV.

(Glib, yes, but as a pedestrian this is a point of frustration)

In the words of Billy Joel, I’m Movin’ Out! But from where to where?

So many variations on this theme, but the Mercury newspaper, arguably the paper of record for silicon valley, writes about people leaving CA and NY.

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