Calendar holidays designed to encourage buying are our favorites! With the way of the world, getting together for any holiday has been a bit of a challenge and if you are at home chatting instead of visiting in person, you should have recorded a podcast! That’s what we did…

Not that there’s anything wrong with holidays, though we do agree that a calendar holiday can actually move to suit the needs of family and friends, when you really think about it. Sure, the sale on a tree or black and orange decorations or turkey might not align with the custom holiday calendar you come up with, but what is more important anyway? Well, sales on candy are important, though some people might believe that candy given out at Halloween is spiked with all manner of razor blades and poisons and whatnot. Well, start here and see where you land after doing your own research…

Wikipedia Poisoned Candy Myths

Candy is good in moderation, but so is moderation. Sometimes.

Obviously we mention vaccinations again, but now there are vaccinations in the past (and boosters in the future), are you getting yours? Have you made an appointment? 

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