Lots to talk about this time around, and since we weren’t watching The Big Game while you were, you get to listen in after the fact.

Dan is volunteering at a Vaccination POD in the City of North Las Vegas on Wednesday, Nancy is getting a shot sometime in February, let’s talk about this crazy undertaking yet again. Getting everybody willing to get inoculated on board with two injections 21 or 28 days apart, when we’re not even sure if the various Variants of Concern will still be a problem after all of this… it’s a crazy time, but still something to talk about because it will be a topic for just a bit longer. Or maybe even longer than that.

Take a break now and listen to the weekly clinical update from Dr. Daniel Griffin on YouTube, about vaccinations and treatments and all sorts of other pandemic-related insight:

We had a nice chat about education, flipping back through Dan’s history mostly, but Nancy was into creative works and drawing way way back when, it’s amazing how we get to where we are, and it’s made easier when we want to learn about things that interest us, and if we can get to the tools. Dan was fiddling with computers wherever he could find one since around age 10, and look where he is now…

And as always, there are things that bother, and we talk about those things. If you’ve been looking for Nancy’s Soapbox, well, this is the show for it, in most episodes so far. 

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