The final show of 2020, but the fourth show of our new podcast!

First things first, did you have company over? Hopefully you kept it transmission-free. 

We’re big fans of Sebastian Maniscalco, excellent stand-up comedian, and this bit in particular about company coming over
Doorbell | Sebastian Maniscalco: What’s Wrong With People?

We’re going to add a third mic to the mix and we’re still determining how we can convince a guest or two to join in now and then with some interesting ideas, projects, or topics to prattle on about. That’s what a new year is for!

Don’t forget to visit Nancy’s websites, and she has an entirely separate podcast about kitchen design chats!

And if you’re looking for live websites for Dan, remember he’s a programmer so design aesthetic takes three times longer than it should. But if and when the time comes, his podcast is at

So much website to work on, so little time, but these are the days of our lives.

We hope you had a safe and healthy holiday season for 2020 and whatever you did to bring in the New Year for 2021, let’s hope it worked!