Everybody needs Social Media to get through the day. Or do they?

Cancel culture, political rants, handing over your personal and/or business brand(s) to Big Tech, services going down or going away, has the world gone off the rails? How do we keep in touch with family and friends, conduct business, and express thoughts and opinions without the specter of suspension or expulsion hanging over us? Will this go down on our permanent record?

There are options! Listening to Eli the Computer Guy about his travails (including some community strikes) on YouTube as one example, there are more and more each day, from world leaders to… maybe you? 

A chat on the Mark & Carrie Podcast about Google in Australia (their episode from January 23, 2021) raised some additional questions about what happens if your platform of choice decides to pull up the stakes and move along, or sometimes they just disappear (with your stuff?).

If you’re in the Arizona Design Community (or beyond), Nancy is setting up a bit of a contact list so everybody can still be found if the unifying force that is Facebook falls out of favor with a few people, check out Find Me Here on Nancy’s professional networking pub at DesignersCircleHQ.

Dan is working on a thing that fits into this mess, the idea being to own your content and your brand and publish links back to your own website or other online destination… always keep your family, friends, and fans connected to you, let them discover you elsewhere but always invite them to your place to hang out! More news about that in the next episode or so…

We’re going to have more guests and more participation, if you’d like to get in on this weekly discussion reach out to Nancy via the classic internet method, email! Send a quick note to nancy@hugofloss.co and describe what topic we can all have a chat about.

If you’re interested in nerding out, send that note to dan@hugofloss.co and we’ll see what we can come up with.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for sharing and liking and friending and tweeting and whatever else you’re into…