I have been vacillating about Bruce Jenner’s situation for a few weeks. As I talk with people, I have found that many have an opinion, much like mine.
My purpose in bringing up this subject is not to bash Jenner for going through a sex change. Heck, I read Christine Jorgensen’s autobiography many decades ago, and totally agree with the idea of making changes to live out your life happily. No disagreement there.

Unfortunately for Bruce, he is linked with the Kardashians, a family of narcissistic weirdos. I could say, “it’s not his fault,” but he married into the family with no one twisting his arm, I’m sure. He became the stepfather of 3 girls who absolutely can’t keep their clothes on and 1 semi-disturbed boy. He then had 2 girl babies with Kris, the Queen Narcissist, who also can’t keep her clothes on. Following everyone’s footsteps, these 2 little teenagers are typical family icons. No one is entering the convent soon, if you get my drift!

So here’s the problem; Bruce Jenner, Olympic gold medal winner, who admitted to the press that he liked to wear his mother’s silks and satins as a teen-ager, waited until he was 65 to transgender. He has not kept his body in great condition, so as a woman he will look very FRUMPY, so I sure hope he doesn’t follow the Kim Kardashian selfie addiction.

Unfortunately, because he is linked to this infamous family and because everything that goes on in that family is televised on their reality show, this big life change is not private, as it should be. Everyone from his mother to his kids have been vocal about what’s going on. Maybe he should have taken a long, long vacation and emerged as Kitty or Kelly or Katrina.

Whatever the outcome, finding shoes and clothes in his size will be a challenge, unless of course, Kanye West, the big mouth rapper, starts a new line of clothing and accessories for transgender people. God help us!!