After perusing through all my emails for the 2013 design trends, I came up with the best of the best, in my opinion.  It would be curious to see if these trends remain popular, or turn into fads.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

131237776610984723_ywQoKNFN_bColor of the YearEmerald Green was chosen by Pantone to be the hot color of the year.  Suffering economies all over the world can use growth, renewal and prosperity, which is what this color represents.

NaturallyDesigners are suggesting that the outdoors and indoors come together in a symbiotic relationship.  Tiles, fabrics and furnishings are taking on an earthy look.

Let the Sun InYes, Emerald Green is the color of the year, but all shades of yellow will dominate giving a lively and stimulating feel to the design. 

One of a KindIndividuality and uniqueness are the words to describe furniture, fabric and wallpaper.  Make it your own; make it different.

215046950926748934_MsRHXeLO_bPattern, Pattern, PatternBoring is out and checks, vintage florals and stripes are in.  These patterns will have bold colors on white backgrounds.  Ethnic prints and animals will also be in this year.

The Spa BathroomAge, necessity and desire will have a big influence on the home shower.  Water features and functions will cater to individual preferences and needs.  It’s not a shower any more, it’s an experience!

MinimalismLess is more, clutter is out, simplicity is necessary in everyone’s life.  Free spaces of weight by having light and floating things.

97531148151622594_5h1ysTng_bCraftsIf you don’t know how, learn to knit, macramé and hand sketch.  Homemade craft items and craftsmanship will have a focal point this year. 

Have FunBe whimsical.  Use a measuring cup for a flower vase or hang kitchen utensils from a chandelier.  Throw pillows covered in old jeans and shirts will prove that anything goes. 

Be GreenReclaim, recycle, redesign and repurpose will save the earth, save you money and give the unique design that makes it your own.