Thinking of building a new website for your business or updating the one you have? Here are some website design trends for 2014.

1images• The End of Boring Typography
One of the trends we can expect to see in 2014 is fonts with personality. “Fonts with personality” are fonts that feel like they can stand on their own. They are not your standard serif or san-serif font like Helvetica or Arial. Designers are starting to find distinctive fonts to add to their collection that add a little personality and uniqueness to their designs. We expect to see many more websites in 2014 getting away from very simple and overused typefaces and finding some with personality.

• Heavier Focus on Mobile
Now that responsive (websites that adjust to smaller screens) Web design is becoming more common, we are starting to see websites adapt to our mobile lifestyles. Designers are progressively working on keeping sites functioning on mobile devices, but developers are taking it a step further to help along with the fact that so many more devices are accessing the Web, and so many more users are using their phones to browse the Web. Some of the features being added are integration with social media, QR Code scanning, click to call phone numbers, one page sites, and fast loading sites all help make the mobile Web a more friendlier place.
content-marketing-video• Videos Instead of Text
If you’re like me you would rather watch something and read about it. Many designers are using videos instead of long areas of text to get their message across. Videos are becoming much easier to produce and share. However, when I use a video on a website, I also like to include the text so people have the option to watch.

• One Page Design
Many websites designers are choosing to use one page design over the method of having several pages with menus at the top to navigate to each page. This gives your users the option of reading more of your content without having to click from page to page. And one-page websites are great for mobile devices accessing menus sometimes complicated and unintuitive.

social-media-gft• Quick User Registration
Getting users to register on your website is sometimes a tedious task. Many users don’t want to take the time to fill out a form. Many website designers are using methods that let users log onto your website using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts. Users seem to like this much better than having to create an account and remember yet another password.

• Content, Content, Content
For those trying to get good SERP (search engine results page) placement, it’s no longer all about stuffing keywords, Google, Bing, and Yahoo caught on to that. Search engines are looking for good content that relates to your website. Blogging regularly with content that is interesting to readers is what’s going to help you move up the Google ladder.

Are these trends right for your website? Your answer depends on what your website is meant to do and who your audiences is.

Chris DiamondChristopher Diamond is the driving force behind CDA Tech Pros (, a full service computer consulting and support firm in the Phoenix area of Arizona.   Christopher honed his skills supporting the IT departments in the entertainment industry in California until he relocated to Mesa, AZ in 2005.  He now offers the same corporate grade support to businesses in the Valley with a wide range of services including Consulting, Implementation, & Support for Computers, Servers, & Networks, IT Security Assessments & Solutions as well as Website Development.  

We here at CDA Tech Pros and Hogfish Studios are committed to making sure our clients get the most out of the time and money they spend creating and maintaining their perfect website.  If you have any question about making your website work the best for you,or if you would like more information about the 2014 trends or would like to know how to implement them on your website, feel free to contact me at or 480-422-1243

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