Nancys avatarAs long as modern medicine and technology have perfected cosmetic surgery, in my opinion, this is the best thing since chocolate. I can’t see anything wrong with improving what God gave us. He may be perfect, but there are some pretty ugly people walking around. Go figure!

We have all seen the before and after shots of famous people, and not so famous people. A lot of us can look in the mirror, not like what we see, and change it. With a little alteration here and there, happiness and self-esteem is only a bandage or two away. (To clarity, it can also be as simple as a new hair color.)

Some people take these surgeries the extreme. We are all very familiar with Joan Rivers’ scary mannequin face, and Michael Jackson’s poor excuse for a nose, but have you heard of Valeria Lukyanova? This cute little Ukrainian girl looks like a real-live Barbie doll? In addition to looking like

something on the shelf of Toys R Us, she is a teacher at the School of Out of Body Travel, and a practicing Breatharian, living without food or water. Sounds like she has the same amount of brain cells as a Barbie Doll, but who’s counting?

I rarely post a picture in the Soapbox, but occasionally it takes more than your imagination to get my point across.


Ken & Barbie look-a-likes

There is now a living Ken Doll, Justin Jedlica, who has admitted to 149 “procedures” to enhance his body. The funny thing is “Ken” feels that “Barbie” isn’t real and she has nothing good to say about him, so they won’t be living happily ever after in the Barbie Dream House. Too bad!

In my opinion, there should be a limit to the number of unnecessary surgeries because some people have an addiction to wanting more & more to look better, but they are never being satisfied. It seems the more surgeries they have, the more grotesque they look. The patient signs a consent taking all responsibility away from the doctor, even if the surgery goes bad. The platypus lips, beady eyes and disfigured noses were all bought and paid for and often appear in the Hollywood rags as “surgeries gone bad.”

Sometimes what they started out with was better than what they ended up with.

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