At the beginning of every great rug, there is the genesis of a story. Many rug salesmen will create a narrative behind a rug, off the cuff, to increase its likeability, but because Alyshaan Fine Rugs finds such flourishes to be very undesirable, you may think that stories of; undefeated warriors, historic battles, royal blood lines, powerful war horses would not be found between the layers of our carpets. But that is where you would be wrong.

The family behind Alyshaan Fine Rugs are part of an ancient nobility that goes back to 250 B.C. called the Rajputs, which means “Sons of Kings.” They are known for their loyalty, independence, intensity, steadfastness, victories in battles and above all else, their commitment to that elusive and evaporating concept of honor. The leaders that carried Rajput blood were inexhaustible builders of beautiful things; productivity and literacy abounded under their rule. They were also known to be fiercely proud, emphasizing tradition and always choosing death before dishonor. There are many stories passed down through the generations telling of Rajput warriors never giving up and fighting to the last man standing. Their patriotism and loyalty was and continues to be legendary.

Alyshaan often muses and contributes some of its success to their royal blood lines. Although they are very peaceful people who would never hurt anyone, but businesspeople and warriors have some commonality; they must face tribulations and triumphs, they must lean on their experiences for knowledge to overcome obstacles and above all else they must be true to their core values. In business, as in battle, it takes strength, courage and steadfastness to be successful and Alyshaan has accomplished this even while our luxury market has been forced to survive many years of essentials-only economy.

It has always come naturally to Alyshaan owners and staff to create an atmosphere of honor and truth in their business. When they are standing beside one of their rugs, their quality and beauty needs no false anecdote to embellish their worth. Not all story telling at Alyshaan is forbidden, they just insist that their stories be true.

Written by Stephanie Drescher