Nancys avatarWhen I have nothing real urgent to complain about, I just look up the trashy Kardashians’ for material and they never disappoint me!  Just saw the picture of the Queen Mother of Trash hanging from a pole upside down in all her glory.  Do you really think she’s learning pole dancing for her health?  No!  Just another way to bring attention to her and her harem, but then I realized that this might be their only talent, if they hone their skills.  Let’s face it!  They don’t sing, they don’t dance, they really don’t do anything in the entertainment field but provide the gossip columns with all their craziness.  They create drama for publicity.  I guess that is somewhat of a talent.

Old man Jenner decided to get his Adam’s apple shaved down, let his hair grow very long and drop out of the ongoing reality show he was associated with. In the past, this patriarch and father of 10, has gone through botched facelifts and mental challenges with self-esteem.  Living wkris14f-1-webith Kris Jenner would do that, since I heard she is the one who encouraged his makeovers, and has treated him like a peon on their show.  I guess when he decided to leave the family, he grew some new body parts, if you get my drift.

Kloe, one of the sisters, & almost ex-husband have made the news with their on-again, off-again marriage.  Like she’s the only one going through these challenging moments in a relationship?  But she is the only one sharing her every incident with her public.  And when she’s not doing that, someone in her family tweets her every movement in full color. 

And, talking about tweeting, Kim, one of the least legitimately talented humans on earth, has the unique single talent of taking selfies in every possible position know to man.  She is constantly sharing what she and the sperm donor of her child are doing in the bedroom, out of the bedroom and every other place they appear. 

I have been hearing about some of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding plans and can’t wait to rant about them.  You’ll have to wait until May for my take on this over the top celebration for two of the most “humble” people we know!

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