862_man_learning_computer_programming_and_reading_a_dummies_book_while_sitting_at_a_computerWhen your Computer crashes it can be devastating especially for people who have valuable data or documents.  Many times when I say this to a client they answer with “Oh, I don’t have any important data on my computer” until I remind them that they probably have years worth of pictures, hours of music, and maybe even their financial data.   I’ve even seen some people hit or shake their computer to try to fix the issue.  But of course, we all know that rarely solves the issue; it will probably just make it worse.  I recommend not using this method to try to fix the problem.

Often computer crashes will occur without any prior warning, so it’s wise to backup important documents, photos and other information on regular basis.  I recommend using a cloud based backup system such as iDrive, Carbonite, Mozy, etc.  These services are free up to 5 gigs and cost around $60 per year for more storage.  It’s a good bargain considering recovering data from a bad drive can run $700-$3000.  I use iDrive personally as it’s easy to setup and use.  Check my website for more information: http://cdatechpros.com/

Determining the reason of the crash is usually tough because there are so many factors that could cause a computer to crash.  However, technology advancements have created several ways through which crashes can be resolved without the need for an expert computer technician.

Some simple ways to try to recover your computer are:

imagespcFirst, try to identify the reason for the crash.  Computer crashes could occur due to something as unassuming as overheating.  However, if your computer shuts down completely, then it might be difficult to identify the reason.  Most often, computers start to display symptoms before shutting down. So, when you encounter any sort of freezing problem, you should reboot the computer immediately to identify whether it’s an overheating problem or not.

Computers will also shut down temporarily due to overheating and re-boot again after the system has cooled.  But, be very careful if it’s due to overheating because overheating will cause hardware damage. To avoid overheating, always keep the computer in a room with proper ventilation.

If your computer reboots normally, then it might be due to a registry problem (which is the database where a computer stores information about the computer’s configurations). To fix a registry problem, re-boot in the “safe” (holding down the F8 key when starting) mode and use a registry cleaner to clean the system.

If you still experience freezing, reboot the system again in the safe mode and then use the system restore (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/products/features/system-restore) option to restore the computer to a time when the computer was working properly.

New software installation can also cause crashes.  If you experience such issues right after installing new software, re-boot the system in “safe” mode and uninstall the software. You can also use the system restore option in this situation, too.

Of course, viruses and malware can cause computer freezing, crashes and even popup messages, as well as rendering your computer unusable. If you continue to encounter such problems, at this point, it would be wise to get assistance from an expert computer technician.

These are just some of the simpler ways you should be able to fix the problem if your computer crashes. Thankfully, nowadays you can find a wide range of advanced disaster recovery solutions to fix your computer quickly and before it’s too late.

And you can always call us at 480-270-4232 with your questions.  We’ll be glad to let you know what you can do to get you computer back up and running.

Christopher Diamond is the driving force behind CDA Tech Pros (http://cdatechpros.com), a full service computer consulting and support firm in the Phoenix area of Arizona.   Christopher honed his skills supporting the IT departments in the entertainment industry in California until he relocated to Mesa, AZ in 2005.  He now offers the same corporate grade support to businesses in the Valley with a wide range of services including Consulting, Implementation, & Support for Computers, Servers, & Networks, IT Security Assessments & Solutions as well as Website Development. Designers Circle is a good example of Chris’s technical expertise.