Nancys avatarNo getting away from it.  Computers are a necessary evil in our lives, or at least, my life anyway.  I never would have thought that I would spend most of my day hooked to a laptop, but times change, people change, and here I am writing my weekly rant.

Today is a little different.  My laptop decided to no longer be a part of my life…it stopped working with no warning, so I am handwriting this until my new computer is set up to be my  work horse. 

My car has a computerized maintenance system that tells me what is going on, and what to check when there is a problem.  A computer has NOTHING to warn me that it is not working, will not work and has no intention of working.

In this age of technology computers are programmed to gather information about everything we do, where we go, what we like, what we purchase, what foods we eat and who our friends are.  Computers are also able to read our faces for signs of our true emotions faster than trained experts.  By the way, no yelling at your computer anymore.  You might get a notice to take an anger management class.

So to get back to the problem at hand, I think computers should send out a warning one week before they turn black.  That would give us enough time to shop for a replacement.  Maybe the first warning would be, “Good morning, Nancy!  I am getting ready to retire so start downloading all your information.  Good luck!”  The second message would be, “Nancy, did you look for another computer yet?  Thursday at 9pm I will be leaving forever.  Good luck.”  And the final message would say, “It’s been nice, good night!”

Instead, my computer just had a black screen when I returned from a networking event.  I immediately got it diagnosed . . . DOA!
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