Interior Designer Jane Schwab, Circa Interiors

What is it that you are trying to capture?  What is it that you find interesting about your space?  You may want to walk around the room and shoot it from as many angles as possible.  Perhaps your original vision doesn’t capture as well as another.  Take as many pictures as you can. The more pictures you take the better the chance you’ll find a shot that is truly spectacular.  It is not always necessary to capture the entire room.  Sometimes a photograph is more powerful when part of the room is left out of the picture.

Zoom in and zoom out.  You will be amazed at how different your space will look from different focal points.  As you select your space try to capture the emotion you are trying to create.  Are you selling a home?  Are you a designer who is trying to showcase your best work?  Find the space and the angle that will best capture your message.


Reprinted from freshome.com