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Even the most tastefully done interiors need to be decluttered and streamlined for a good photograph.  Look all around at what is distracting to the eye.  If you’re photographing a home office, for example, look to remove cords, excessive telephones and hardware.  Writing supplies should be removed or stored and displayed at minimum.

Remove the waste baskets, figurines and anything that seems to distract from the focal point.  The desk area should be clean and clutter-free. Tasteful accent pieces such as a small vase of tulips or a picture frame can enhance the quality of the photograph.  In the kitchen remove large and cumbersome electrical gadgets and replace with large bowls of fresh fruit to add color and a lived in feel.  Make sure all countertops and cabinets are as clean as can be.

If linens are to be photographed make sure they are cleaned, and if possible ironed. In a bedroom, make sure the bed is well made and that the pillows are fluffed and perfectly lined up.  Make sure that picture frames are all hanging as straight as possible.  A crooked piece of artwork can be terribly distracting.  Remove all clutter from your bedside table and replace with a small bud vase, and a book.  You’ll notice that when photographing interiors less is more!


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