imagesCAOPLS9QIt was my first real job in New York City  where huge computers had their own climate controlled rooms.  No one was allowed in the “computer room” without a special pass. And, as fate had it, all the special people were men.  We used to watch all the blinking lights and turning reels from the glass windows not ever thinking that one day almost everyone in the world would have a miniature computer and/or phone in their pocket. 

The words “social media” didn’t exist then, but now if you aren’t part of the social media sector, you are sitting alone while technology is passing you by.   Keeping up with all the social media tools is a full time job, but to stay trendy, whether for business or personal fun, you have to be in the know.

imagesCAAPBQOPSo how are we supposed to know about and manage all these sites?  First, it would be impossible to participate in and be an expert at everything.  If you are dead set on having a presence on every social media platform, contract with a public relations team to help you manage them.

Not every social media site is going to be the perfect one for you and your business, so try all of them for a bit.   Then, look at the hard numbers and decide which platforms are working for you.  Remember, you can’t do it all!