Nancys avatarIn my wildest imagination I would have never thought of Dennis Rodman as an ambassador to North Korea, or any place on earth, for that matter.  Looking back at some of his more colorful antics, can we say that he is truly representative of any other American you know?

This retired Hall of Fame ex-rebounder with the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls shocked  the world with some of his ridiculous shenanigans like wearing a wedding gown and bridal makeup to promote his autobiography in 1996, claiming that he was going to ”marry” himself.

We will all remember “The Rod” for getting married to Carmen Electra, which, by the way, lasted only 9 days.  I wonder who got more out of that publicity stunt!  Then, of course, there was the “Celebrity Apprentice” gig where Dennis Rodman showed us how business-minded he is.  Really?

dennis-rodman-drag-02I wasn’t even going to touch on his crazy, wild dress code, his very colorful hair-dos and his many, many piercings and tattoos that would make any mother proud!!

So why, after North Korea vows to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States, does this weirdo pal around with Kim Jong Un, a nuclear terrorist?  Well, they both love basketball, both are self-promoting and they both keep the world guessing about their sanity, said Clarence Page of  

Who else but a Pillsbury Dough Boy look-a-like dressed in a Mao suit would want to be Rodman’s “Best Friend for Life?”  “The guy is awesome,” Rodman said of Jong Un.  “He was so honest.  I love him.”

My concern is that Rodman can still procreate!
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