Nancys avatarGetting Designers Circle out weekly to the Design Community is a small feat in itself, but when there is a very large bump in the road, it just makes my job much harder.  When I realized last week that all the ads were not showing up on the Designers Circle pages, I was quite upset to say the least.  The explanation given by the company who supplied the program that I use, put out a notice that the site was “down for maintenance.”  What kind of maintenance were they doing?  Spring cleaning or just mopping the floors?  They never did tell me to what extent they were doing this maintenance, and they didn’t tell me how long it would take. 

Chris, my website lifesaver, sent me a notice that the company had been hacked into and they were closing down that part of the company that affected Designers Circle.  We’re not talking a small Ma and Pa type company!  This is a very, large worldwide service with millions of customers, and ranks No. 7 on the Forbes list of most promising companies. 

Chris and I were feverishly doing our due diligence checking on alternatives for our advertising.  We are almost there but not 100%.  Working through this whole weekend to re-create what we had has me wondering why people hack.  Oh, this is now a new thing for me.  My phone was hacked several years ago, and more recently my Facebook account was hacked as well.  My Facebook account, really?

Why do hackers, who apparently have a great deal of computer intelligence, do what they do?  Maybe for status or fun or just because they can.  These people are malicious criminals who want to see how much they can get away with while disrupting people’s lives. Yes, they have accomplished disrupting Designers Circle, but I’m a small game compared to the banks and service companies that have been affected by this nonsense.   And there’s nothing we can do about it?  Ridiculous!

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