Nancys avatarHave you ever noticed that fashions by some of the famous, well-known designers are very expensive and very weird?  Many of these designers seem to want to make women look ridiculous.  Several of the models parade around in very transparent fabrics showing whatever they have.  Is the average person going to wear these clothes?  I sure hope not, but we have all seen people wearing inappropriate clothes prancing around as if they were walking down a runway.  Please, ladies,  look in the mirror before you leave the house.

First, let me spew about the models looking emaciated and sad.  Skinny and underfed I can understand, sort of.  Sad, no!  Isn’t this the dream of every young girl?  To have a modeling career and meet all those strange and famous people?  And wear all those skimpy, albiet glamorous fashions?  For every upside, there is always a downside, and modeling is no exception.  These young, vulnerable beauties are lured into a world of drugs & alcohol, anorexoria, porn movies, mistreatment and disrespect.  Only the top models are making lots of money working in this environment.  And we can count them on 2 hands, if we’re lucky.

389912c6408910d1c84975a75b68f873Let’s get back to some of these God-awful fashions.  Don’t get me wrong.  Some of the clothes are well-designed and look great on most people.  Many of the designers have embraced femininity using great colors, fabrics and style.  Designers have been specializing in body-types and age groups, helping the consumer to work with what suits her best.

But let’s look at some of the exceptions.  Can someone please tell me where a person would wear this outfit?  I can only think of going to a foxhunt in this getup and being the fox!

We should not buy clothes just because they are in style.  We look ridiculous and make the designers very happy and wealthy.  Finding out what styles enhance our assets and downplay our liabilities is a challenge, but we can do this.  We are women, not manequins.

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