What? I can’t hear you!

Did you ever feel your car vibrate when you are near another car whose driver is blasting music?  And I use the term music loosely!  Why is it that some people don’t have consideration for anyone else? 

Last week when this happened for the umteenth time, I noticed that the driver’s window was open, and he was banging his fists on the steering wheel to the “beat” of the noise.  Go figure!  I quickly shut my window but this didn’t help.  The obnoxious, repetitive heavy base sound is not something that could easily be ignored.

My neighborhood has been invaded by these same sounds.  Last night I was working at my computer when my office was actually vibrating.  My glass figurine collection was rattling on the shelves, and my pencils were rolling off my desk.  This was the closest I have come to experiencing an earthquake.

Our space is being infiltrated with inconsiderate, selfish people who have hearing problems.  I know this for a fact because it has been proven that when listening to amplified rock music, loss of hearing is inevitable.  The decibels could be in the range of a military jet, an air raid siren or a shotgun.

So maybe the solution is an iPod with ear buds to save my hearing.  If everyone else would partake of this popular music apparatus, I could enjoy some peace and quiet.

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  1. Hear, Hear!! (tongue in cheek!)

  2. Hi Nancy:

    Great one. I am 150% in agreement. Really upsetting. For some strange reason, I am under the impression that there is actually a local law about this kind of thing. If, in fact, there isn’t, there should be and if there is, it should be enforced (couldn’t be all that hard to spot the offender, could it?).

    I’m know that we are both members of the particular group (boomers?) that has already suffered some degree of hearing loss due to the various rock concerts and other venues that we have attended over the years.

    But to your point about the ear buds, even these don’t always work. I have been on several flights lately where someone near me on the plane is listening to “music” or watching a movie where I could hear it all – too clearly. For some reason – likely brain rather than hearing damage – even these personal devices must be played at a decibel level sufficient to keep anyone within a ten foot radius “entertained”.

    Really love your stuff,


  3. Glad you all agree with me. Now for my next rant . . .


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