Ways with Color

DEEP BLUEjpgWe can never tire of COLOR! These are ways to use color to doctor your Environment!

If you want to have an environment full of energy or transform a very hectic space to a serene and calm retreat, there are ways to help you choose that special color that will create specific transformations for you.

*Let’s start with ORANGE. This vibrant hue will most surely expand your thinking! Orange will reduce self-consciousness and will allow the expression of one’s self with full confidence. This is a fantastic color to use in your environment when you want to look younger. A great color for family rooms and kitchens! It is the true color of laughter and celebration! Try Dunn-Edwards DET449 Citrus Notes

*If you need to encourage efficiency in your environment, then DEEP BLUE will be that one color to purify your thinking to cut through clutter and let you find what is most important in your life. This color can actually help you make a decision. A very sensible office color for any working environment. Try Dunn-Edwards DET582 Tried and True Blue

*When you’re wondering about increasing your money situation, think GREEN! This primary color in nature also corresponds to wealth. It is the color of fresh new beginnings and growth. It encourages you to embrace your talents and manifest them into the world. Green is actually a dual hue and can also lend to healing, representing nourishment, steadying the physical being by balancing one’s equilibrium and encouraging one’s stability. Green transforms an environment in bathrooms and kitchens. Try Dunn-Edwards DET536 Palm Springs Splash

*When it comes to spirituality for an environment LIGHT PURPLE will assist you with connecting on a higher plane. It encourages a fresh perspective for all emotional issues. This color enhances one’s sense of humanity. When using in your environment, it will deepen compassion of friends and family. Try this accent for dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms! Try Dunn-Edwards DET408 Grapevine

*When you want to inspire an environment with peace and tranquility, LIGHT BLUE should be the first on your list. It dissolves any tension and truly promotes tranquility. It eases an environment and brings harmony to relationships. It is an emotional hue which can calm aggressions and eliminates ill feelings. Use in bedrooms, why, of course! Try Dunn-Edwards DET585 Blue Calico

*BRIGHT RED – Use bright red when you feel the need to stimulate your environment and promote courage, fearlessness, and tons of self-confidence. This radiant hue will do the job. But, be careful of over-stimulation with the use of this color because it can make an environment overly excited and quite agitated. A little of this color can go a long way! Try using in office areas, bedrooms, and living areas. Try Dunn-Edwards DET420 Lady in Red

*A great way to stimulate focus and enhance intelligence and mental agility would be the use of YELLOW in your environment. It helps to clarify thoughts, stimulate conversations and create an overall feeling of awareness. But, beware of dull yellows. The dull yellows can almost create an opposite effect on the brain. This hue is great for kitchens and dining and office areas. Try Dunn-Edwards DET498 Cornsilk Yellow

pink*The gentle and soothing color of PINK really opens the heart. It can promote tenderness and can be a true comfort color in times of emotional transitions. Use pink in an environment when you are trying to receive a sense of receptivity and understanding. Bedrooms and living areas can achieve a tremendous feeling of love when using this color. Try Dunn-Edwards DET416 La Vie en Rose

*YELLOW-ORANGE hues will keep away darkness and allow your environment to let you always see the brighter side of things. Remember, that an array of color is usually the key to happiness. An environment that has a full range of color will always feel balanced and alive! Kitchens, living rooms and family areas will reap this reward. Try Dunn-Edwards DET469 Western Sunrise

*DEEP RED can inspire passion in every environment. This color awakens libido! To help move you through your inhibitions and emotional blocks, use this passionate color to really express your environment and yourself. It will definitely remind you to live life to its fullest and to love your own body. This deep hue can inspire just about any environment. It’s a wonderful color for kitchens, bedrooms and living areas. Try
Dunn-Edwards DET425 Royal Red Flush

*Okay. Let’s don’t forget AQUA. This color seems to stay in the background, but it really inspires trust! This color can change a space to a tremendous relaxing environment. It is great for insomnia, dreaming and meditating. When you hear this, you will probably already be thinking of where you may want to use an AQUA palette! Try Dunn-Edwards DET543 Veranda

Let’s always find a way to enhance our environment with color. When we have options to use color to help change and balance our lives…why not! Begin your palettes of transformations!

20141023_193241_LLSDede received a BFA in Interior Design from Arizona State University and represents  Dunn-Edwards as the Design Services Professional for the State of Arizona. She is an Advisory Committee PAC Member for the Art Institute of Phoenix, and an active Chair Holder in the International Color Marketing Group. Dede is an Allied ASID member and an IFDA Professional Member, as well as, past Arizona Chapter President of IFDA and a National Committee Member. She is also an NKBA Associate. Dede represents Dunn-Edwards in ASID, IFDA, and IIDA as an Industry Partner.

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