The Unique Beauty and Versatility of Natural Stone Amplified by a Choice of Finishes

Natural stone, be it marble, granite, quartzite, travertine, limestone, sandstone or any of the other more exotic materials available, has been used since ancient times as a reliable building material. There are numerous applications such as building, wall cladding and flooring, in addition to horizontal surfaces, i.e., counter tops, vanity tops, bar tops and shower surrounds are a few of the more popular applications in today’s world. Each and every piece of stone is a unique work of art courtesy of Mother Nature.

Natural stone can be finished in many different ways to create a texture right for every application. Some of the most popular finishes are polished, honed, textured, sandblasted, bush hammered, flamed and hydro, among others. The three most popular finishes that the design community is asking for are polished, honed and textured. Each of these finishes creates a different look and feel for the chosen stone.

sample board showing 3 finishes for each stone
3 finishes for each stone is shown at Galleria of Stone AZ

A polished finish is by far the most popular choice. This finish is created when the stone surface arrives at its most refined stage by buffing the stone to the highest level possible resulting in a high shine and showing the natural colors in the stone in the most dramatic way. The texture is smooth to the touch and leaves the impression of luxury and sophistication.

A honed finish is the result of the same buffing process as a polished finish but the stone is not brought to its most refined stage. Honed finishes are smooth and dull in
appearance depending on the the level to which the stone has been buffed. Many designers choose this finish for its warmth and subtle appearance. A honed finish is also less slippery than a polished finish and therefore specified many times for flooring.

The textured finish has become very popular with the design community. Texturing the stone amplifies its natural beauty and also creates a unique surface that is warm and welcoming. Textured slabs can look like works of art!

It is important for the design community to be able to see how the different finishes create a totally different look. Our showroom takes great pride in displaying over 300 different natural stones in all three of these finishes. The choice of finish will define the design. Most polished slabs can be honed or textured right here in the Phoenix market so any given natural stone can be made to conform to the design.

Guy Stewart is the manager of Galleria of Stone and brings many years of color and texture expertise and working with the design community in the Phoenix/Scottsdale markets. Guy can be contacted at  You can visit their website at


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