Tub Art!

marble tub carved from one piece of stone

The designers at Stone Forest® have never shied away from big designs and ideas. They have been channeling Mother Nature in unique ways for 25 years, since they designed their first garden sculpture. They’ve moved away from strictly designing for the garden and landscape arena and have become the go-to source for architects and designers who appreciate the skill, effort and beauty of a tub, vanity or vessel carved from a single block of granite, sandstone or marble, to name a few of their favorite materials.

Papillon Tub

The Papillon tub is a statement-making piece whose unique shape enables the bather to slip into a calming inner sanctum. Inspired by classic Italian design, the striking, tapered barrel-shaped vessel is carved from a single block of Cumulo Granite; a beautiful smoky gray stone rich with intricate natural veining. Papillon is also available in Carrara, Sandstone, Limestone or Black Granite.

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