What a Ride this has Been!

3H4C0082_edited-1This is the Happy Holiday Season. Do you really think I am going to start complaining about one thing or another? Of course not! There is so much to be grateful for, and you reading my Soapbox every week is one of them.

I really appreciate the support from our Design Community, the advertisers and all the writers on Designers Corner and the Design Blog.

Designers Circle has truly been a great experience for me. When I think of that first email I sent out almost 6 years ago, and how far we have come, I am in total awe. I remember someone coming up to me at an event and asking if he could advertise on my “blog.” I stared at him with my “deer in the headlights” look and asked him why? At that time I had no idea how to even show an ad on my one-page blog. Who knew?

Designers Circle has grown to be the “go-to” place where everyone can find out what is going on in our Design Community, in addition to learning about new products,  getting an education from the writers and getting the Monday chuckle from my Soapbox. This online magazine has a great reputation with 1.5MM page views a year.

My dear IT guy, Chris, has experienced the challenges of running out of bandwidth, malware hits, creative hackers and so many other things that have happened behind the scenes, but he hasn’t fired me yet, so we’re still good to go.

We will be back on January 5th with a new look. That is also the week that Kitchen Design Divas, an internet radio show, will debut on Dave Pratt’s Doublewide Network. Oh, if you didn’t hear yet, Laura Eagan CKD and I will be hosting a weekly live show with lots of design talk, guests, call-ins and more.  I will have additional information on the show very soon.

Hope to see you all at Designers Circle’s Holiday Party of the Year, December 18th, sponsored by Westar Kitchen & Bath and Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine.

We wish you all a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year.
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  1. Lori landis

    Congratulations Nancy!! What a great idea bringing all design elements together! Looking forward to your new look of Designers Circle but like this one too!

  2. Good luck with your new internet radio show; I’m sure it will be as successful as Designer’s Circle.


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