Outdoor Fabrics don’t have to stay Outdoors!

outdoor4With spring in full swing here in Arizona, you are more than likely splitting your time between enjoying the beautiful weather outside to relaxing in the comfort of your own home. But no matter where you find yourself spending time, you want to be comfortable, and there is usually fabric and a nice cold beverage there to make that happen. So whether you are sitting on your chaise lounge outside or on your living room sofa, there is a fabric that will work perfectly wherever you need it.

It wasn’t so long ago that outdoor fabric options were limited to stiff canvas or sticky plastic in predictable solids, stripes or florals. These days, indoor/outdoor fabrics come in a variety of colors, styles and textures previously reserved for indoor decor, including new choices that mimic the look and feel of chenille and velvet. The difference is that the indoor/outdoor fabrics are fade-, moisture- and stain-resistant and are so much easier to clean.

outdoor1Today, it’s very difficult to see or feel the difference between a fabric that is classified for “outdoor” application, and one which can only be used, inside. Outdoor fabric technology has evolved to achieve the look of most indoor fabrics with a soft hand, comparable to cotton, all while touting the durability to withstand everything life has to throw its way. Most outdoor fabrics clean easily and resist stains, soil, fading and mildew. They are as appropriate for family room pillows and playroom furniture as for patio dining chairs.

outdoor3Outdoor fabrics are usually solution-dyed synthetic fabrics. This means the dye was added during the making of the yarn, allowing the color to fully penetrate the yarn. This creates a color that will not easily fade or wash away when subjected to the elements.

Outdoor fabrics are woven fibers that differ in strength and durability. The primary difference between each type of the most commonly used outdoor fabrics lies in the manufacturing process and the fibers that they are made from.

Consumers aren’t just looking for performance fabrics that have the right look and feel for interior applications. The growth of “outdoor living rooms” has further spurred a focus on designs that create a seamless transition between the indoors and out. And living in Arizona, this time of year means spending more time outdoors! So whether you are looking to redo your patio set or reupholster your living room sofa, there are more options than ever as to what fabric will work best for you and your family!

Fabric Pictures:Thomas Paul Indoor/Outdoor Wovens from Duralee

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