One order of Crown, Please!

One order of Crown, Please!

gray walls with white ceiling and trimOne of my favorite things to place in a room other than furniture and paint color is Crown Moulding,  also called cornice moulding.  It is used to cover the intersection where the walls and the ceiling meet –  always installed sprung (angled). These mouldings finish off the space and give the room a sense of elegance and dramatic flair.

I was introduced to crown moulding back when I bought my very first home. The ceilings were so tall, (over 20 feet high in most areas of the home), that I felt the need to add something to them to make the room feel cozier. Initially, I installed crown just in my living room, but once I saw it up on the ceiling and how beautiful it was, I fell in love and boy did I fall hard. I ended up having it installed in every room of my home, and when I say every room, I mean every room. No ceiling was left untouched; I even had it installed in my laundry room and walk-in closets.

Crown mouldings date back to the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans who used plain mouldings made of stone.  As time progressed, the mouldings evolved to a more ornate element. Before the 1850’s, hand carved moulding were tedious and time consuming, but with the invention of machinery,  they became more elaborate and affordable. Moldings were commonly used as a way to disguise imperfections where ceilings and walls joined each other within a room,  but mouldings have been used in many different ways — to accentuate doors, mirrors, furniture and cabinetry, to name a few.

Now keep in mind crown moulding does come in many different profiles & heights which is awesome, especially from this designers point of view, because it offers a lot of creative freedom when designing spaces.

stacked crown mould on wall by ceilingThere are some simple rules about height that should be followed:
If the ceiling height is 8 feet high, the recommend height of the crown is 3”- 5” high.

If your ceiling height is 9 feet high, the height of the crown should be  5”-7” high

The 10 foot ceiling or higher should have stacked crown mould – using mulitple pieces to build up height and interest of crown mould.

Cyndi Morelli has been designing and selling award-winning kitchens for the past 20 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, and is also certified by NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) for Universal Design. She has won 12 NARI COTY awards for her kitchen designs. Cyndi’s website is   Call her at 858-412-6095


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