Living With Colors You Like Can Make You Feel Better

10808894_1677314475828299_1300975234_aColor is usually the first impression our surroundings make on us, and it can make a powerful impact on our mental and physical health. Here are a few questions I have been asked when speaking to the public about how to incorporate color into your home for well-being.

What role does color play in our mental and physical health?

There’s a constant connection between our minds and bodies. When you are happy, you produce healthy endorphins, so if your home makes you happy, it can benefit your body, mind, and spirit. I recommend decorating with the colors you really love for optimal health, not the colors you see in a magazine or the ones promoted in the industry. Remember in the 80’s when Southwest style in Phoenix meant white-washed wood and mauves? Today, it is bolder colors. Decorate the way you want. It’s your home, your sanctuary.

Are there particular colors to embrace or avoid?

When it comes to health, statements about what a color is supposed to do or not do for you is very generic. As an example, you could have very negative feelings about the shade of blue that was in your dining room as a child if there was a lot of harsh conversation at the table. Or, you could associate good memories with it if you shared a lot of laughs as a family. Any color could affect you either positively or negatively. Color association—and color’s influence on our health—is a very personal thing.

How can you incorporate healing colors into your home?

Once you know what colors make you happy, it’s easy to bring them into your home. You can paint your walls, add a throw pillow, bring in fresh flowers, and even simply purchase a container for a tissue box that adds to the color palette of the room. If you don’t know what your color or decorating style is, you can take my online Color & Design Preference Profile free of charge at to find out.

The holiday season is coming up. How do you recommend decorating for the season with your health in mind?

6d4706493b05528e7e7136e17158297eDon’t be afraid to use colors other than the traditional ones associated with the season—orange for autumn, red and green for Christmas. Whether you are creating Halloween accents for fun or your Thanksgiving table to be festive express your uniqueness by using the colors that are already in the home.  As an example,  for Christmas, if you have a blue, brown or orange interior that you love, consider buying a white, silver or gold Christmas tree and decorating it with ornaments that are the same as your home’s colors and add smaller accents of the colors of the season. You will feel better decorating with the colors you love, and you will enjoy your home more this holiday season. When people come into your home for holiday celebrations and you are comfortable and happy in your environment, your guests will feel it, too.

Always remember, rooms have no feeling, YOU do!

1color-catalyst-headshot-101713-4-150x150.jpgThrough her years of experience Barbara developed an interior design approach that she shares in her book, The Bajaro Method: Rooms Have No Feelings, You Do!, and has now expanded The Bajaro Method to include personal branding called “Living In Your Colors.”

Barbara is the Past President of International Furnishings and Design Association & Women At The Top, Allied Member of American Society of Interior Designers. Her company, Design Dimensions, has been in business for over 25 years. Barbara has had her own column in the Tribune family of Newspapers and the City Sun Times. She has appeared in magazines and on HGTV, and other television and radio programs. Barbara has presented seminars about The Bajaro Method and certified design professionals in The Bajaro Method™.  Barbara can be reached through or  work: 480-998-5088 cell: 602-292-3073


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