It’s Time for a Change

This is the season of Celebration  . . . being with family and friends to enjoy whatever your traditions and beliefs are.    

In the midst of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, decorating and looking forward to 2018 and what will come next, we are being bombarded on a daily basis with names of well-known people, precisely the male part of our society, who have been accused of inappropriate sexual misconduct with women and men.

This subject was not something I was going to write about, but now that some of the richest and most powerful men in the entertainment and political worlds have been publicly embarrassed, fired and chastised, I need to share my opinions of these slimy, despicables.

Because these men had a high profile, money and power, they apparently felt that they could do anything they wanted to whomever they chose.  I won’t go back as far as the slave owners because my space is limited, but as we know, unfortunately this has been going on for centuries.  I am so happy that women are finally feeling empowered enough to speak out and tell their story.

Sadly, inappropriate behavior also happens in the private sector. Every area, e.g., construction, technology, education, advertising, engineering, manufacturing, etc, has had thousands of issues of sexual misconduct brought up my women in these fields.  Women felt threatened if they complained, so they quietly “put up with it,” especially if the woman could not afford to lose her job. I can honestly say that this is not hearsay, but something I have also experienced.

Men should grow up and treat women with respect by keeping their mouth shut and their hands to themselves. Women should not be afraid to report inappropriate actions at any level, and feel safe in doing so without reperccusion. 

Guys, this is not a “man’s world” anymore.  Women have rights and rules and strength in numbers.

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  1. Art Johnson

    Your rant here is something that should not be needed, but it is. THANK YOU for speaking out. Most men are raised to treat women with respect. So sad that some never paid attention or learned to be decent human beings. It’s about time we (regardless of gender) start holding these miscreants accountable.

  2. Carl Tichenor

    The floodgates of truth and reality in the workplace are wide open and what is revealed behind them is now in full view.


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