An Interview with Mick De Giulio

An Interview with Mick De Giulio

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Mick De Giulio, an internationally recognized kitchen designer,  established de Giulio Kitchen Design in 1984. Mick has designed kitchens all over the world for many famous people. His innovations also include kitchen products and furnishings.

Mick has written several books and has been interviewed many, many times.  His recent interview by had many interesting points on kitchen design that I would like to share with you.  What trends are you seeing in kitchen design?

Mick:  Open plans continue to be popular. Clients love a kitchen that is the main hub connecting family living spaces. We are also doing three things: creating fresh and clean looks using wood floors for warmth and texture, plus interesting ceilings; relaxed, comfortable, and informal styles, which are achieved with texture; and distinctive spaces rather than slick minimalist designs that have been so popular over the past few years. Even gold is making a comeback.  Are there new ways that people are using their kitchens?

Mick: People continue to want kitchens to be spaces where their families can relax and be together. Soft, upholstered chairs and comfortable furniture are important, as are elements such as fireplaces, coffee stations, and TVs. People love lots of function, too, so we rarely design a kitchen that doesn’t include a multi-functional sink with cutting boards and other accessories. Any tricks of the trade you can impart to our readers?

Mick:  Take your time to plan the space. Don’t look at a new kitchen as just cabinets and countertops, but rooms to live in with great natural light, views if possible, and good appliances. For equipment, check out steam ovens—they are fantastic—and induction cooktops.  How would you describe your new installation, and why is it relevant to home cooks today?

Mick:  When I design a display, I like to show something that is somewhat unexpected. This space features new twists on some of my favorite materials, including textured white oak, polished stainless steel with touches of raw bronze and German silver. It’s clean, fresh, and classic; an interesting mix of metals; very warm and textural. Everything in our showroom is available as part of a kitchen design. Our designers are pleased to discuss a project, and my recent book, Kitchen, can be a great resource guide for ideas.

During Mick’s interview with New York Spaces he was asked what is the most important aspect of kitchen design and why do you believe craftsmanship is such an important part of any design?

Mick:  Function is number one. A kitchen needs to work and last for a long time, which means everything from engineering to material choice and craft should be of the highest quality.  As for the space, proportion is very important; I give a lot of consideration to the relationships of all that goes into a space.

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