If you could, Would you?

I attended Fashion Week in New York several years ago thanks to Brizo and Jason Wu.  The fashions from Jason’s first few collection were very attractive but not really something I would hang in my closet since Jason insisted that his models not wear underwear. His focal point was showing off the female chest leaving nothing to the imagination, but that’s typical of a young male with active hormones.

This year Jason designed some clothes that almost anyone can wear most of the time, even in the workplace. But then, again, some of his fashions were modeled by the typical underweight, Olive Oil stick figured young girls that we have come to expect.

Palomo Spain, 25, a new designer in the fashion industry, was all about making a statement. Palomo’s Spring collection sent his male models down the Paris runway in frilly dresses, feathered capes and silk suspenders because he believes gender fluidity isn’t solely a fashion statement but a way of being in today’s society.  Of course, to be noticed, he designed outlandish fashions for the show so he would be remembered, and it worked.

Men wearing skirts and dresses have been around for ages.  The Scottish kilt, the Indian kurta pajama outfit and the Japanese yukata are still worn today. The arguments for men wearing skirts are as numerous as the reasons why they shouldn’t.  

Guys, would you wear skirts to your workplace? It certainly would not be appropriate on a construction site, but how about the office? Your comments are welcomed.




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  1. Doug schramm

    You’re kidding…right?

  2. Doug, Give it a try. You might like it in the summer. LOL!

  3. Ron Kollitz

    While showing off my sexy rear might be nice, I’d have to issue sunglasses to everyone else so they don’t get blinded by my ghost white legs. Sorry, this old dog is happy with his gender and I have no intentions of “mixing it up”.

  4. Ron, My thought is that designers actually design for shock effect. Most of those clothes on the runway are typically never seen again. Pants on men are perfect when they are worn above the plumbers crack. Buy, hey, that’s another whole soapbox.


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