How Automated Shades Beautify

You can tell immediately when a house is not lit properly. Lighting brings out the stunning details of a home while gently subdues other aspects. The right lighting can mean the difference between a harsh, glaring atmosphere, and a beautiful and welcoming home. The challenge comes with controlling natural light. Manual shades require constant adjustment. The answer for many is an automated shade solution.

Automated shades control the natural lighting in your home. They offer unparalleled convenience, but more importantly they maintain an optimum level of natural light in every room in your home, no matter what time of day or what the lighting is like outside.

Convenience: Set It And Let The Shades Do All The Work
With automated shades, there’s no need to leave your desk to head across the room to adjust of shades every time the lighting changes. Instead, you can control your automated blinds from an elegant touchscreen, or any of your favorite smart devices, including your iPhone, iPad, or computer.

Daylight harvesting uses the automated shades to adjust on their own based on the amount of light outside– time of year, weather, etc. The shades will sense what is happening with the light in your home and will adjust accordingly. You set the ideal conditions and you won’t have to touch the system again.

Effortless Style
Unlike traditional shades that require bulky cords, and tangled strings, automated shades are discreet. The simpler design blends right into the elements of your home. Your guests won’t even notice the shades, letting the other featured areas of your home stand out, as they should.
Natural Lighting Experience

Recent studies show that natural lighting stimulates essential biological functions in the brain. Natural light is divided into colors that are vital for our health. Daylight has been associated with improved mood, enhanced morale, lower fatigue, and reduced eyestrain. Automated shades allow you to take advantage of some of the valuable health benefits that natural light provides, and allows you to enjoy an optimal lighting environment. You can set conditions to allow for more light during certain times of the day so you get the best natural lighting experience possible throughout the morning, midday and evening hours.

Quality Lighting
In addition to the amount of light that you allow into your home, automated shares also allow you to adjust the quality of light as well. Light comes in different qualities, it can be soft and diffused, or hard and direct, such as when there is a glare shining through the window. The quality of natural light is constantly changing, and automated blinds allow you to take advantage of beautiful soft, morning or evening light, and block the glare and shadows of the harsh midday light.


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