Happy New Year

2017 will be a fresh startTaking time at the end of the year to relax, reflect and connect with family and friends is important.

It’s also important to take some time to get some distance from your business so you can look back review what you accomplished (or didn’t) this year and what goals you want to set for yourself and for your company this coming year.

Here are some thoughts and questions to ask yourself while reflecting and looking forward into the next year.

Take a few moments and answer these questions, this is just for you, nobody else needs to see it…. so you can be brutally honest (sorry, but that is what is needed.)

  1. Did you have more creative, better budget design jobs and ideal clients this year?
  2. Did you make more money than last year? Do you feel well paid for what you did?
  3. Did you spend more or less time with family and friends that you love? Did you work more or less hours than you wish you had?
  4. Did you reduce or eliminate any debit that you are carrying?
  5. Did you travel as much as you would like to?
  6. Did your lifestyle expand or shrink?

So how did you do?

  • Did you finish and shake your head?
  • Did you end the year in the same condition that you started it in?
  • Or did you do OK?

how will you work achieving your goals for 2017The best part of starting a new year means you get to write the rules for what 2017 looks for you.

Your business’ success is not a reflection of your talent as a designer, it’s a reflection of how your business is set up (or not).

Take an hour (if you haven’t already), go to the local coffee shop, bring your laptop, and map out what you’re going to accomplish this year:

  • Breakthrough the 5-figure fee ceiling
  • Contact former clients to see if they have any new design needs or friends and family to refer
  • Create a backroom system for your studio that supports your business so you have free time to spend with your family and friends

Whatever it is, write it down, post it on your computer, and make it happen.

Creating the plan is the first step to your road of realizing your ultimate dreams.

Good luck and may 2017 be your best year ever!

Terri_LOW_RESTerri Taylor breaks down the walls of secrecy by sharing her 30 years of professional interior design and remodeling experience to help interior designers work smarter, not harder, and get paid what they’re really worth.

Terri received her NCIDQ certification in 1993, and is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and Interior Design Society (IDS). She also received the 2000 ASID Interior Design Award of Excellence and holds an Arizona Contractor’s License.

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    This is good advice for anyone who owns their own business! Thanks for the thoughtful perspective!


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