Did you Notice?

Our lives are so busy that sometimes we don’t notice the simplest things. We got up this morning, so yes, we are alive. The sun is shining, so yes, no umbrella (of course, the sun is always shining in Arizona), and then it’s off to work. Did we tell our spouse and the kids to have a nice day? Did we smile at the neighbor as we were leaving? Probably not, because we have a ton of things on our mind.

I once asked a customer what his cabinet handles looked like. Even though he has been in the same house with the same cabinets for 20 years, he couldn’t remember anything about the handles. They were there, they did their job but didn’t make an impression.

I hope as you are reading this, you do notice the changes on Designers Circle. A lot of work went into this remodel and, in my opinion, it is an extraordinary success.

As in all my remodeling jobs, the function and aethestics are now far superior than they were.

I have decided it was time to use my picture instead of my “cartoon.” You can have just so much of a good thing, so my little avatar has been retired.

The sponsors now each have a page where you can get up-to-date information about sales, new projects, etc. in addition to their website link. The pages will be information rich and always updated when necessary. There will be specials for Designers Circle readers, podcasts and videos on some of the pages. Check them out often, and please support our sponsors because, as I’ve said numerous times, without them there would be no Designers Circle.

We have made it extremely easy for you to comment on every single post, new product and, yes, even my soapbox. Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself . . . share.

Designers Circle will be 6 years old next month, and has gone through several face-lifts, this one being major. Hope you all notice the changes and read all the articles, not just check out the events. The many, many writers educate you in their field of expertise and share their experiences.  As usual, the announcements have help wanted posts, design contests, trade show information and links, etc.

When I complete a remodel project, I get instant gratification, especially when the client is beaming with excitement. Hope you have a little bit of that excitement as you peruse our new look.


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  1. It looks great! Easy on the eye and easy to move around!
    You did good Nancy1

    • Lori, thank you for the comment regarding the new look for Designers Circle. I think of the idea of looking at everything on the home page is a definite value add.

  2. Dear Nancy,

    Your new site is fabulous!!!

    Yes the little things are important. Liked your comment about the clients drawer pulls-he could not remember what they looked like. Isn’t it our commitment as artists designers and craftsmen to make sure that our work leaves the client in a “wow” state each and every time they walk into their home? To love being in their space? Fixtures can be utilitarian in nature but they can also can be subjectively artistic in some way.

    • Gerry, yes, I agree with what you said but I brought up the handles as an example of not noticing things, like the new look for Designers Circle. This is the biggest change Designers Circle has experienced and I’m hoping for comments regarding the new look.
      Gerry, lets get that secret event rolling soon.

  3. Beautiful Job! It is more vivid, easy to navigate and full of more information. Regarding the story on the cabinet pulls. Back in the day I would ask a customer if he has a two handle kitchen faucet or 1 and they would not have any idea. Today we Touch kitchen faucets and those home owners visit homes of friends and family and try to touch their faucets on. We humans can be programed.

  4. Nancy,

    The site looks great. I’m sure a lot of thought and hard work went into it. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop!
    Shellie Rudow

  5. Can’t believe it’s been 6 years. I know you put a lot of time and effort into redesinging your new website, but it was well worth it; it looks great.


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