Alyshaan Offers Support


Dear Friends,
Given the rate of infection, it is clear that some designers and IP’s might be suffering from COVID-19.
Instead of feeling helpless, we are starting a support group of designers and IP’s to help our peers, in cooperation with ASID and industry magazines.
Examples of support you can receive/provide:
2.      CHORESBabysitting, dog walking, running errands.
3.      PROJECTS: Unfinished projects; deliveries and installs.
A generous client donated Fine Silk Rugs, Alyshaan will also donate a few rugs; and we will hold a silent auction within our clients and industry to raise funds for this cause. Alyshaan will also donate $2000 to help start this fund. 
Please email me if you are willing to help, or if you need assistance.
Thank you, God bless us all; TOGETHER, we will get through this.
Saeed Aslam.
PS:  If you are volunteering to do chores, you MUST have PPE to protect yourself.

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