All the Free Samples You can Eat!

I know where the hungry people hang out. They don’t look hungry but you could never tell since some of them are dressed very well.  They wait on line sometimes pushing their way through the crowds just to get a morsel of whatever is available.  I have seen some of them take handfuls at one time, not concerned about the others who are fighting and grabbing for the same little cup of food or drink.

They race to get to each food stand to be the first in line, many times trying to take the food before it has a chance to be toasted or warmed up. Possibly they haven’t eaten in days or maybe hours.

Yes, it’s the Costco shopper!  These members leave their manners at home and walk into this food warehouse with a vengeance.  They want to be first on the free food line no matter what it takes. The shoppers have become aware of the “No Limit Rule,” so going back for 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and more is a common thing. In rare cases people have walked away with the whole tray of samples without guilt because they are allowed to. 

These are the same shoppers who have no clue about shopping cart etiquette. Added to the cart pushers are the scooter drivers who act like they are on bumper cars at the amusement park. 

After my shopping is done and paid for, and I’m heading out to the parking lot, I realize these are the same people who are trying to maneuver their cars out of the lot. God help us!

So why do I shop at Costco?  It’s not the ambiance.  And the selection is hit or miss.  My favorite item may or may not be on the shelf the next time.  It must be the status of being a card-carrying Costco member.  Yeah, right!

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  1. Art Johnson

    So funny. You crack me up! I’ll never go to Costco again without thinking of those people in their bumper cars.

  2. Art, whenever you go into Costco you will be looking for these people and get a good laugh!

  3. Bumper cars now = Costco in my mind. Thanks for the morning laugh, Nancy!

  4. Okay I’m not a Costco shopper athought in the past I was guilty of eating at the food court 🙂 but now you have given me a good reason not to start now

  5. Melanie Kelley

    Ok don’t go to Costco , don’t even have a card, it’s just me , but have seen this happen at Costco . It is like going into a Wal-mart on Black Friday.


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