I Love Showers
designed by Shelly Preziosi

I love showers! Walk in showers, stall showers, locker room showers, even stand-in-the-tub-and-take-a-shower showers.

I re-discovered showering last weekend visiting friends in Vero Beach — friends who have the cutest little guest house. The house was built in the late 70’s, and although they updated most of the main house, the guest house was cleaned up and left to its old bones.

The shower, a white tiled stall shower, is wide for that time period — a full 4 feet. It has a step down curb, and at one end has a tiled bench. The width is close to 3½ feet.
The sliding door, frosted plastic on a wobbly track, goes up to the ceiling.

I was supposed to be preparing for our first dinner out, but I found myself lingering in the shower. The water was warm and the shower head strong. As old as it was, the space was generous, yet enveloping. Steaming away, day dreaming, relaxing my tired muscles, I was late to dinner. The next day, same thing . . . I couldn’t wait to shower. This went on all weekend long. I don’t know what it was, but the shower experience was so energizing and restorative, that it made me think. What is it that makes bathing so magical?

There is so much buzz today about spa bathrooms and spa showers, and new technology and plumbing. This month’s KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGN NEWS (June 15, 2015) features results from the latest Houzz “Bathroom Trends Report.”  A survey of 3,200 homeowners focused on a few significant trends:
*2/3 of the homeowners who are renovating bathrooms are increasing the size of their shower.

     *Showers are becoming more personalized, with added elements such as lighting, steam and showers for two.
     *In the bathrooms, sinks are added to create double spaces.
     *TV’s are integrated and luxury items such as towel warmers are being included.
     *Bathrooms now hold equal renovation importance along with kitchens who used to command a greater priority.

As a Kitchen and Bath Designer, I practically preach bathroom redo’s. I want my clients to have a great bathing experience and I don’t just mean fun; a tub filled with Mr Bubbles, “Take me Away” Calgon, bamboo motifs and soft music piped in. I want the bathroom design, the shower, the tub, the materials, the plumbing and the electronics to transform.

Transform a busy work day to a peaceful repasse; from unpleasant weather to a warm and comfortable natural environment; from physical exertion to total relaxation.
I want the newly designed bathroom to be that place. That place where all is forgotten, all melts away, thoughts wander, senses are magnified and one becomes re-born . . .  just one shower drop or soaking bath at a time.

When you think about it, bathing and water is the ultimate symbolic gesture of transformation……wash away your troubles,  wash that man right out of your hair, cold water therapy, Baptism and Mikva.  And for a brief moment of the day, you are alone. It’s quiet and you can think and are “indisposed.”
You have a moment to step away, to let go, to refresh.

My intention, after being transformed by a simple shower or two in Vero Beach, is to make my bathroom designs significant with meaning so that they will enhance the “everyday” of my clients.

When I got home from Vero, I stepped into my own very fancy and modern spa bath, a total walk in shower, surrounded by windows and nature. I used my rain shower All Arounder, double body sprays and thermostatic valve. Warm water cascaded down and from all sides, and all the problems of the world went right down the linear drain. I stepped out onto natural stone floor, and dried off with a warm towel and sighed.

Oh, the simplicity of a good shower. Plain or fancy. It’s a SHOWER. Shelly Preziosi is a full service designer serving clients from Florida and beyond. An Allied ASID Member, an Associate Kitchen and Bath designer (AKBD), and a member of IDS, she has been creating spaces for happy clients for 23 years.
Owner of her own firm, Shelly Preziosi Designs Inc, she focuses on the unique needs and lifestyle of each and every project, and offers full design from an architectural phase to move in as well as designing kitchens, bathrooms and whole homes. Shelly’s website is


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