Bad Customer Service Leads to NO Business

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAN1AAAAJDQwNzQ1YjFjLTlhNGUtNDgzYS1iMmE1LTFlY2I4ZjRlNWRlZAYou can have the greatest sales people on the planet, but if you’re losing customers through poor customer service, your business will suffer.

And the cost of acquiring new customers usually far outweighs that of keeping existing customers.  Surely it’s much more preferable to keep more of those customers you have?  Every company should realize that their ultimate sustainability depends on their ability to generate consistent, excellent service that keeps customers coming back and singing their praises.

Yet, 77% of customers say that if they experience poor service, they would avoid using that company again, where there is another option available.

But, is it me…or are customer service standards still sadly lacking?

How good is your customer service?  Are you aware some people could have stopped buying from you because they became unhappy with some aspect of your product or service — and don’t feel as though anyone has taken responsibility for fixing the problem?  And didn’t tell you?

Don’t rely on technology.  There’s so much technology around nowadays that many customer transactions could be done automatically. I say COULD because, even though we have the power to automate so much nowadays, I would think very carefully about whether automation could help, or actually hinder, your customer service. The key aspect is accessibility.  The customer should be able to speak to a real person, easily, if they want to.

What could you do ?

Remember many products and prices are the same these days, so the differentiators are going to be the buying experience and customer service throughout.

How’s yours?

Lee KleinLee Klein is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Premier Lighting. A published author on the subject of sales development, marketing and branding, Lee joined Premier last year after successfully owning and operating local popular restaurants and running his Marketing Company.

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