LEDs Are Here to Stay

Dimmable LED lamp
Dimmable LED lamp

Led products are still evolving to be something quite interesting. Led bulbs have become quite friendly looking in design. Bulbs that originally started out very clunky, have gotten a late 2014 early 2015 make-over to look more similar to an incandescent version of itself.

Brands like Spotlite-USA are paving the way. This company has virtually re-done almost every type of incandescent bulb into a new LED version.
Most of the bulbs made by this brand our dimmable with a C.L. LED dimmer.

Always read the fine print when using Led products. All Led products are not created equal. Some require C.L. dimmers and some ELV (electronic low voltage).

Led Portable lamps and sconces have come a long way as well. The lamps are sleek and stylish and often available with an included lamp dimmer option to reduce the great amount of reading light to a soft glow.

Many colors available to suite everyone’s taste, not just stainless options any more.

Ceiling fan companies finally are catching onto the Led trend. Fan companies are now “seeing the light,” and adding Led lights to their ceiling fans that are integrated in the design.

Pendant companies are creating led pendants as well. Please check with your lighting professional to make sure that your products have replacement Led modules so that you are not purchasing a throw away in a decade fixture.

Good Led product companies are making Led replacement modules for replacements when the Led Diodes start to fade and die out.

Today pretty much any fixture can be custom changed to a Led version including some vintage lighting. Led lighting has come a long way and will continue to evolve into more and more of our everyday lighting & design.

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JDivaem Funk, the Lighting Diva,  started her young career as an actress, model, and dancer, and college pompom. As she was growing up, she has had the opportunity to meet with many celebrities. Jem was afforded the opportunity by age 19 to merchandise for Tommy Hilfiger Co. and Liz Claiborne Clothing lines. Jem specializes in multi-million dollar projects servicing designers, architects, and walk in customers at the Scottsdale location of Premier Lighting where she utilizes all her skills in merchandising, buying, training, advertising, PR, and events. You can contact Jem at

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  1. Jem, What I really like are the LED lights now being used in refrigerators. Can you imagine how nice it is that you don’t have to pay for cooling to offset all the heat generated by older light bulbs. PS I’ve got photos but none online as they’re hard to take (fight with flash)


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