6 years Already?

It seems like yesterday that the economy was in the dumper and many, many people found themselves unemployed. Networking events were at a minimum, and most people didn’t know where to network and with whom.

I did my part by letting people know where they could network with their peers. Rather than email the handful of people I knew, I started a blog, a simple, single page that listed all the information for each event.

That was 6 years ago this month. How time has flown by, and how Designers Circle has evolved. Our website has undergone a complete new look for the 3rd time, and is emailed to over 2,500 people, weekly.

At any given time, we all know what events, organizational meetings and happy hours are happening in the Valley. Thirty plus exciting people are currently writing on various subjects, sharing their expertise and experiences with the readers of Designers Corner and Design Blog.

Designers Circle is now aligned with Bridging AZ, an Arizona charity and furniture bank, and will be hosting a Masquerade Ball Fundraiser October 24, 2015.

Our monthly Happy Hours have been very successful thanks to our advertisers who sponsor these events, and to you, the attendees who enjoy meeting friends and working on new relationships. And, of course, our Holiday Parties, where 400+ people gather to catch up on what has transpired throughout the year, spread holiday cheer, and chat about what’s coming up in the year ahead.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting Designers Circle for the last 6 years, and look forward to the next 6 years with excitement and enthusiasm!


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  1. Paddy Rasmussen

    Just wanted to say “Thank you” for helping the networking process within the design community. I’ve made a lot of good connections at your monthly happy hours.

  2. melanie kelley

    Designer Circle is the best
    Nancy is the most creative person, and to think she started this by her self and still does everything her self
    Congrats Nancy

  3. Hurrah and cheers for all the hard work Nancy!! Thanks!

  4. Nancy, I think you’ve done an amazing job with Designers Circle, and should be really proud of the community you’ve built. It has certainly helped me get to know people quickly in the Phoenix area … as I’ve only been here 3 months.

  5. Thank you, Paddy, Melanie, Lori and Tina, for taking the time to comment on my soapbox. It means a lot to be, especially since I know most people appreciate what Designers Circle has done, but few comment.

  6. Nancy, you have created the best networking events (and happy hours) for the design community in the State. Congratulations!


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