Photograph your projects like a professional- Tip #7



Canon SLR (single lens reflex)
Canon SLR (single lens reflex)

Invest in a good camera.  A good camera and a good lens will make all the difference.  A good eye is one thing but you want your focus to be as clear as possible. You want your colors and lighting to be as true and accurate as possible.  A basic point and shoot or your iPhone simply won’t cut it here. There are many wonderful digital SLRs out there that are quite affordable.  A wide angle lens, not a fisheye, is really necessary for shooting interiors, for capturing the essence of the scene.

However, the wider the lens the greater the barrel distortion, so you don’t want that either.  Once you’ve taken your pictures and downloaded them to your computer you can play around with them on some free photo editing sites like PicMonkey and Picasa, FotoFlexer, iPiccy to name a few. For more extensive  editing capabilities you may want to buy a basic version of Photoshop.

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