Photograph your projects like a professional- Tip #3

Kate Hume, Designer
Kate Hume, Designer

Find your focus

You will need to find your focus within the frame and to determine what is it that you are photographing.  What’s your subject?  Is it the way the room is layed out?  Is is the fireplace or the framed Matisse over the large turquoise couch?  Perhaps the old Grand Steinway standing gracefully in the corner commands your attention.  Once you’ve found your focus you’ll need to remove extraneous accessories and clutter.  A good photograph always tells a story.

A few accessories, perhaps a few pillows on the couch, a candelabra or some photographs in silver frames sitting elegantly on the over-sized black piano, can add just enough detail to tell your story without distracting one’s eye from the subject at hand.  Shoot both landscape and portrait.  One may tend to shoot in landscape mode, but portrait mode can make a photograph much more dramatic and powerful.


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