I’ve Had Enough!

Nancys avatarThe gossip magazines are overflowing with the lives of 2 famous, soon-to-be, first time mothers.  One, the Duchess of Cambridge, has had the paparazzi making comments about her every move.  They have even referred to her unborn child as “the royal fetus.”  So what’s next?  After the royal baby comes the royal placenta? Give me a break!


In my humble opinion, they should have respect for her position and give Kate some privacy, and stop acting like obnoxious reporters who haven’t learned from the mistakes they made with Lady Diana.  Kate seems to be smiling in all the pictures, but it must be a “royal pain” being on stage every minute of her life.


Then there’s the famous floozy who welcomes all the publicity she can conjure up.  Why was Kim Kardashian so surprised when she found out she was having her boyfriend’s baby.  Surprised?  Excuse me!  Her reality show has no boundries.  She has been tweeting every pose with and without clothes.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she gives birth in front of the TV cameras.  Is nothing sacred anymore?

The gossip magazines have pictures of the mighty duo, KimKan, shown in every outfit, every vacation spot, every event, and every move they make.  The difference between Kim and Kate is that the soon-to-be X-Mrs. Humphries craves mega-doses of attention.  I have to agree that she is a very attractive young woman from the neck up, albeit with no talent. 

We’re being saturated with Kardashians.  Enough, already!
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  1. So sad , what values that are missing these days. Gossip is so hurtful and people who glom onto someone else’s life are maybe envious that they think they don’t have one of their own.


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